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The following ideas may deter the thief but not the mushrooms.

Security lighting strategically placed in driveways, doorways, front and rear gardens will not only light up darken area's but enhance your property.The illustrations shown here are just an sample of the beautiful designs that can enlighten your property.      All the monochrome illustrations shown here are manufactured by Noral Limited.       Fittings and posts are made from pure, re-cycled cast aluminium that is coated in a seven-stage process with UV -stabilized polyester paint. These are top quality products designed to withstand demanding climatic conditions. 


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The majority of decorative garden lights -floor mounted spot lights  - wall lights and lamp posts  automatically switch on at dusk and switch off at a pre arranged time.

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As mentioned, Normal manufacture to the highest standards. The lens are made from a single piece with no joints that could let in moisture and dust. All components have been selected to function flawlessly for a very long time. Quality down to the smallest detail makes maintenance simple, even after many years of reliable use. The majority of the post fittings shown here are available with one, two or three lamps and wall-mounted fittings in various sizes. Short posts and gatepost mountings are available.
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Whether you want to light up the dark corners of your property - illuminate and create effects in your garden or just enhance your home and surrounding area.   We will be delighted to call and discuss your requirements and give a quotation.