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Under Health & Safety regulations,  electrical installations in commercial properties are checked and certificated at least once every 5 years. However, in domestic dwellings householders tend to wait until something goes wrong before calling in an electrician. In the interest of safety why not consider a survey on your electrical system.   

We will be only too pleased to give you a quotation for such as:

  • Electrical rewiring.

  • Replacing Mains Boards (Fuse boxes).

  • Additional sockets and lights.

  • Electrical power to garages and outbuildings.

  • Electrical Surveys.

Electricity is a clean efficient fuel and perfectly safe providing installations, plugs and wiring on appliances are checked on a regular basis.

Example of damage caused by an overloaded fuse box.

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PAMains Box2.jpg (103648 bytes) PA FiredamageA.jpg (90683 bytes) PA Firedamage2.jpg (111937 bytes)


Have your old fuse board upgraded to the latest consumer unit with Mcb and Rcd protection from 240.





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