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sadly, its a fact of life that burglaries are on the increase and if you haven't had an intruder in your home, you probably know of someone who has.   Installing a quality security alarm system is a good start in protecting your valuable possessions and your home.

Our Domestic Security Alarm  systems consists of:

  • A control panel (Key Pad) with backup batteries

  • Passive Infra-Red Detectors which sense movement of intruders.

  • Contacts on all external doors.

  • Outside Bell Box with backup batteries and an additional Box as a decoy

We only use high grade quality security equipment from Europe's leading manufacturers. Every system we install is tailor made to meet our customers exact requirements.

Domestic Security Alarms Supplied & Fitted from  only 260.

Example of the equipment we use - double click on each photo to enlarge.

The Bell box isn't a bell at all but has the sound of a siren. PA_outsidebox.jpg (28397 bytes)

The Control Panel is the heart of the alarm system, from which you may set and unset your security alarm. It is usually sited so it can't be seen from the outside, generally in a cupboard near to an exit door. We can also install separate key pads or panic buttons so that you can control the alarm from your bedroom at night.


PA_PIRSENSOR.jpg (9707 bytes)
The PIR sensor will detect any movement in the room it's installed in. Individual units can be turned off, for example, where pets sleep. PA_PIRSENSOR2.jpg (20062 bytes)

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